Moving to WordPress

February 21, 2006

Wordpress is a superior blogging program wich enables you to do virtually any thing you you want withyour blog.
this is the Arabic site of WordPress for more information.
after searched alot for free wordpress hosts.. the top two were


what makes these two very special from the rest of wordpress hosts – in my opinion – is the ability to modify your theme manually and edit your CSS file
Bloggoing is a pretty host works with WordPress 2.0 , have tons of pretty themes , more than advanced handling for all kind of things , perfect WYSIWYG editor which make it easy for arabic posting and text formatting.
it even has an built in MP3 player which you can easily customise it to fit your theme.
it’s only drawback is that you can’t edit your main index page , you edit CSS-(change fonts ,colors,pics..etc)- not index.
Bloggoing is what you need if you want a near perfect blogging system.
In fact the only reason in working with Blogsome is your ability to change any thing in the template.. any thing you can think of .
Blogsome on the other hand …avtually doesn’t have any thing that Bloggoing lakes except the template editing .
but it has it’s major drawback wich i hope they’ll fix it soon that it doesn’t have a WYSIWYG editor which makes posting in arabic requires HTML codes involved manually in the post and i don’t think it works on WordPress 2.0 wich is more advanced than others.
if you want a more than great blogging program you should move to wordpress.
if you son’t care so much about your blog having a unique theme that no other blog has it use BLOGGOING it has more than 150 theme with CSS editing enabled.
else use BLOGSOME.
In any wordpress based blog you can import your potings from other blogs
(blogger,typepad, livejournal,RSS…etc) as wasy as one click.
Please tell me if i’m missing any thing.
I hope i’ve helped.

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