I’m Back

June 17, 2006

I’m back
sorry for the last period of inactivity 
i’ve finished my exams a while ago but i was so busy and i’m still 
i’m preparing a blog transfer to a payed drupal hosting soon  
i’m still learning how to deal with drupal it’s not hard to learn actually i’m customizing my theme
and configuring modules ,thats what’s annoying me.
 i also had some troubles with my pc lately as i installed SUSE 10.1  but
the software package mangement system simply SUCKS in this version
so i (after downloading 5 cds) had to remove it and installing Simply Mepis 6.0 beta 5 and after a couple of hours RC1 was released but i did an online upgrade through Ubuntu and Mepis sof. pools
and i had my self a new KDE 3.5.3 online and working in about 1 hours and 15 minutes for installtion
god i love the debian based 1 cd distros it rocks.

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