Year 2007 Tag

January 3, 2007

Year 2007 Tag .. from Blue:

Froggy made this suggestion on the Bloggers group, and since I promised to think about it and give it a try.. then I’ll brainstorm a reply to her question right here..

She said: “ok, I just got this idea now, everyone can say before the new year, one thing he/she wishes to achieve in the new year, one thing that really impacted him in this current year (either good or bad) and one thing that he enjoyed on the group (i guess this is the easiest question.. lol)”

Something to achieve next year:

  • give up some really bad habits that i have in my life

Alot of things actually..basically learning alot of new stuff
3-get the LPI certification
get out of the “loneliness state”

  • get a girl friend :)…. yeah right 😉

get a new band of friends around me

Pass this damn year
Something impacted me last year:

  • well…. losing alot of ppl is a major impact ,but knowing new ones is also effective
  • Transferring to Alexandria Uni. which caused in big loose of college friends
  • alot of other things that i won’t tell

One thing I enjoyed in the group:

easy … ppl are both friendly and open minded and it’s really a pleasure to know such ppl regarding that very few in Egypt who has this kind of “brain”

What I’ll miss about 2006:

i don’t miss anything in anything..ever…. it’s a bad thing i know .. but can’t help it

That’s it i think 😀

2 Responses to “Year 2007 Tag”

  1. LOL @ number 5 😛

    thankie for replying
    and wait for new tags … i mean it this year .. hehe

  2. MeMo said

    😀 … what .. i’m serious
    i’m waiting .. let the tagging begains 🙂

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