Guys Apple decided that it’s time to enable running Windows shit on it’s Macs.

Now every body can install run and use Windows and Windows based programms on there Macs.

This feature is called "Boot Camp" and will be a main feature in the next official OSX 10.5 version code named " Leopard" P .

Well i really dunno if this is good or bad news , but it’s new D .

here is the link 


Fixing the problem that happens when updating M$ Windows XP :
there is alot of solutions to this problem i’ve selected two of the easiest ways
1- when you go to the windows update page just before pressing custom or express
put this line in the adress bar and press enter.

what happens??? no thing.
i’m serious you will not see any thing happening , but you’ve just deactivated the checking mechanism.
2- another way is to disabe it from internet options
press the tools menu in IE then choose internet options
then click on the programs tab and choose manage add-ons
and click on Windows Genuine Advantage and choose disable .
That’s it now you can update your Microzeft Windows freely.