Fuck Ubuntu

January 30, 2007

hey guys check this


and guess where it leeds to .. lol
this is funny 🙂

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I’m Back

June 17, 2006

I’m back
sorry for the last period of inactivity 
i’ve finished my exams a while ago but i was so busy and i’m still 
i’m preparing a blog transfer to a payed drupal hosting soon  
i’m still learning how to deal with drupal it’s not hard to learn actually i’m customizing my theme
and configuring modules ,thats what’s annoying me.
 i also had some troubles with my pc lately as i installed SUSE 10.1  but
the software package mangement system simply SUCKS in this version
so i (after downloading 5 cds) had to remove it and installing Simply Mepis 6.0 beta 5 and after a couple of hours RC1 was released but i did an online upgrade through Ubuntu and Mepis sof. pools
and i had my self a new KDE 3.5.3 online and working in about 1 hours and 15 minutes for installtion
god i love the debian based 1 cd distros it rocks.

Firefox ,Opera ,Konqueror

January 4, 2006

I know this issue have been around for a long time
which browser do we use , I’m not giving any suggestions but i used the three of them
and to be honest NONE of them satisfied my needs
I’m not trying to be picky but here is the Needs:
i have an old PC
Intel Celeron 400 with 128 C-memory
192 MB of RAM
so with the new LINUX distros around
it’s hard to work this way.
I’m using KDE as my desktop so it already takes alot of resources
bake to the issue..that’s what i found with the 3 browsers:
Firefox: mainly firefox seems to do every thing it’s requested to do
BUT it has a SLOW interface ..i dunno if this is only me but dealing with the interface itself like going from tab to tab or using menus was death boring
even without any themes it’s still slow with the default theme so i tried Opera
Opera: Opera has an excellent interface with perfect speed but it’s has lots of flows like it doesn’t deal well with web 2 apps and it doesn’t deal well with Blogger editor
and above all it have a serious problem with Arabic letters as it renders them separately
so i moved to Konqueror
Konqueror: Konqueror deals perfectly with CSS templates and styles and also Arabic script
but it also has some trouble with web 2 apps and is a lot slower than it’s brothers
it also hangs when dealing with a big page or a scripted page or a No. of tabs above 4
specially on my old PC.
the three of them have RSS support Firefox have live bookmarks Opera have built-in RSS reader.
and Konqueror imports them it Akregator .
the three of them takes 2 minutes to boot.
anyway i settled on firefox 1.5 as it does the job but i have to suffer from the deadly interface .

NOTE:the versions are Firefox 1.5 Konqueror 3.5 Opera 8.51 on Ubuntu 5.10